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“Game On, Wire-Free: Unleash the Sound!”

[Advanced Bluetooth Chip & Auto Quick Pairing]

The noise canceling wireless earbuds adopts high computing power Bluetooth chip solution, which has stable signal and clear sound quality without attenuation. Air 31 wireless earphones can achieve simple and high-speed automatic connection. Adopting hall switch,after the first connection, it will connect with your device as soon as the charging case opens

[LED Digital Display & Colorful Design]

Accurate LED display of the power of charging case and both earbuds, allowing you to know the power status of the wireless earbuds and charging case at any time. This series of Bluetooth earphones with translucent charging case, futuristic texture, 5 different colors. The waterproof earbuds can effectively prevent splash damage caused by sweat and raindrops.

earbuds wireless bluetooth

[Fast Charging & Long Battery Life]

Bluetooth wireless earphones supports fast charging. The charging case quickly charge the earbuds with USB-C cable can be use 1.5hrs after charging only 10 minutes. Air 31 Bluetooth earphones provide four hours of playback time with one charge and can be extended up to 20 hours by using the portable charging case. You can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere

earbuds wireless bluetooth

[ENC Noise Canceling & HiFi Stereo Sound]

Wireless headphones with microphone equips ENC noise reduction and software call noise reduction algorithm, which makes the call sound quality clearer. Bluetooth earbuds has titanium dome composite membrane moving coil speakers. The HiFi stereo sound of the wireless earphones provides a wider sound field and a shocking low frequency experience.
earbuds wireless bluetooth

[Smart Touch Control & Comfortable Fits]

Wireless earbuds supports touch control of every single earbud, you can easily control answer or hang up calls, play or pause, volume up or down, switch songs ect without operating the phone. Air 31 Bluetooth earbuds with 3 different sizes of ear tips for most ear canals. The attached silicone case perfectly fits with the wireless headphones, offering you the comfortable experience.

earbuds wireless bluetooth

Package Include:

1x Earbud

1x USB-C Cable

1x Charging case

1x Manual

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