Micro Fiber Duster


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1、High Reach Ceiling Fan Duster : With this duster, you can easily clean up to high places without a ladder. It has a stitching size that can reach 140cm and a flexible head that can remove dust and stubborn dirt from all sides of the fan.

2、Static Electricity Effect: The duster head is made of microfiber that attracts dust, pollen and hair like a magnet. The fluffy microfiber and soft rubber on top protect your sofas, furniture and walls from scratches.

3、Adjustable and Removable Pole: This ceiling fan duster comes with a short handle for easy cleaning and an extra long removable pole that lets you safely clean anywhere. You can adjust the pole according to the desired length and reach high or low places without a ladder.

4、Easy to Clean: The detachable duster head can be hand washed in warm or low temperature water. After washing, simply slide the microfiber top back into the duster core and dry in a ventilated place. All accessories are reusable and durable.

5、Versatile Usage: This ceiling fan duster can easily clean ceiling fans, blinds, decorative molding, and other hard-to-reach areas. You can also use it to clean your car interior lighting equipment and other surfaces.

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