Security Monitoring Camera


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  • Motion Detection Alerts: Stay informed about any activity in the monitored area with motion detection notifications sent directly to your device.
  • 🌙 Night Vision Capabilities: Feel secure around the clock as the camera's night vision feature enables clear monitoring even in low-light conditions.
  • 💾 Easy Data Management: Store footage effortlessly through various options like local storage or cloud services, making sure you never miss a moment.
  • 📸 High-Quality Imaging: Capture crystal-clear images and videos with the A9 Mini WiFi Camera's impressive image quality, ensuring every detail is preserved.
  • 📶 Seamless WiFi Connectivity: Enjoy hassle-free setup and real-time viewing via the camera's WiFi connectivity, allowing you to monitor your space remotely.
  • 🔋 Long Battery Life: The A9 Mini WiFi Camera boasts an extended battery life, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance without frequent recharging.
  • Without Stand
  • With Round 2 cm Magnetic plate

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